April 13, 2016

Although many people don't realize it, the basement of a house can actually be a major asset. This is true while living in the home, but it may prove even truer when it comes time to sell the home. There are many good reasons to consider basement finishing in Denver today. Read on to find out why it's smart to contact a basement contractor in Denver about remodeling as soon as possible.

1. The Cost: Cheaper Than You Think

Most basement remodeling jobs end up being much less costly than people think, especially in comparison to other types of home remodeling projects. In fact, the price per square foot for a basement remodel is cheaper than it would be for any other room of the house. Remodels like kitchen upgrades, bedroom additions, and bathroom remodels all tend to be considerably more costly overall than a basement remodel would be.

2. The Return on Investment

By doing a basement finishing, the homeowner will enjoy a major boost in the resale value of their home. While many remodeling projects in the home don't necessarily make back full value at the time of the sale, basement remodels do. In fact, finishing the basement of a home can net the homeowners a 150 percent return on their investment.

3. Potential Extra Income

A basement remodel may mean extra monthly income for the homeowner. Basements can be ideal spaces for stand-alone apartments that can be rented out for extra income. A basement apartment can be just as nice as any other apartment - and it might be more spacious than some typical apartment units. This may mean that a homeowner can ask as much as 75 percent of their mortgage for monthly rent of that basement apartment unit.

4. The Flexible Living Space

A basement remodeling in Denver can give a large amount of flexible living space in the home. A finished basement can be used for nearly any purpose: It can be made into a fully functional private living space for the in laws, it can become a "man cave" for poker and video gaming, or it can become the perfect play space for kids and their friends. The flexible space can also be used for different purposes as the need arises. When all the family is in town for Thanksgiving, it can be an extra bedroom. When it's time for a giant birthday party, it can be a party room. The flexibility is limited only to your imagination.

5. The Entertainment Factor

One of the best reasons for basement finishing in Denver is the entertainment factor. Few rooms in the home lend themselves to family and friends style entertainment than a basement does. There is plenty of space for a pool table, pinball machines, arcade games, card tables, big screen televisions, movie theater style seating, and more. No matter what type of entertainment that your family enjoys, the basement is the perfect place to enjoy it.

6. Making Order Out of Chaos

A basement addition is an excellent area to keep order in the home. Even people who pride themselves on their organizational skills often find that there just isn't enough room to sort everything quite the way that they would like. Most people have a few places in their home where there are stray boxes or even piles of junk that just doesn't quite have a place to go in the home. A basement is the ideal space to put all the things that just don't belong anywhere else. It even allows for total organization of things that are only used on a yearly or sporadic basis, for example Christmas decorations or winter sport equipment, saving you money on renting a storage unit.

7. Making Things More Comfortable

During the most extreme weather, the basement can be the ideal haven to hide away in. In warmer weather, the basement is usually the most comfortable place to be, as it may naturally be several degrees cooler than the rest of the home. During the winter, the extra insulation found in most basements means that it tends to be the warmest spot in the home, as well.

8. The Amount of Space

The final reason to refinish the basement is simple: It's a large space. Today's homeowner generally wants large and inviting spaces rather than small confined ones. The basement allows for completely uninterrupted areas to relax in. The only walls in the basement will be any dividers that the homeowner decides to put up. As long as the basement is well lit, that large open space will probably end up being one of the most loved areas of the whole house. 

Interested in a basement remodel, but not sure about how to proceed? Call your De4nver Basement and Remodel today to consult with our experts about your options. A finished basement will pay off both in terms of financial benefit and aesthetic value for years to come!

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